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OUR MEMBERS in fulfilling their responsibilities to the
airports & communities they serve.

MAAE’s mission is to promote Michigan airports by providing a forum for aviation leaders to expand their knowledge and prepare for current and future challenges while strengthening relationships with legislative, regulatory and community partners.

MAAE’s vision is to be the principal association of airport executives and aviation partners driving operational excellence, quality infrastructure and sustainability in a rapidly evolving environment enabling safe, efficient, and affordable operations of airports in Michigan.


Membership Benefits  include the exchange of ideas, methods, information and experiences for the operations of airports; the promotion of both State and Federal legislation for the good of aviation; as well as cooperation with the FAA and Michigan Aeronautics Commission. The MAAE Executive Board is working on your behalf with other aviation groups and government officials to address the needs and capabilities of our airports.


MAAE promotes the professional development of members and students engaged in the study of airport administration through scholarships and encouragement of intent programs.

  • Robert Peckham Academic Scholarship
  • Accreditation/Certification Academic Scholarship
  • Professional Development Financial Assistance
  • Internship Scholarship
  • Pilot Ground School Scholarship
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We welcome you to attend an MAAE Conference or Seminar.

MAAE organizes and participates in many venues throughout the year to promote the growth and development of all Michigan airports.

The Michigan Airport Conference and the Annual MAAE Fall Conference are two events you won't want to miss!

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