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membership types

Membership is annual and covers a calendar year or remaining portion of a calendar year if joining/renewing mid-year.  Membership fees are prorated for new members joining after November 1st.


Airport Membership shall be open to all Michigan airports.  Each Airport may  appoint as many members as they choose.  This will include persons exercising active responsibility for the management, general superintendence, operation or administration of an airport within the bounds of the state of Michigan, and who are engaged in this activity as an occupation.

The dues are structured according to the size of an airport. 

  • Large Hub ($3000)
  • Medium Hub ($1500)
  • Small Hub ($1000)
  • Non-Hub ($600)
  • EAS Airports ($500)
  • Large General Aviation Airports ($500)
  • Small General Aviation Airports ($200)


Corporate Membership shall be open to public or private corporations and individuals who are engaged in one or more of the following activities: development or maintenance of an airport, the manufacture or sale of aircraft, aviation fuel, air navigation facilities, and equipment or materials used in the establishment or operation of an airport. Corporate members shall not have voting privileges.

Membership Dues are based on the number of employees employed. 

  • Over 50 employees ($600)
  • Under 50 employees ($300)
  • Associations and Governmental Agencies ($100)


Academic Membership shall be open to individuals actively engaged in the study of airport management and/or a related field at an accredited college or university.

Academic members shall not have the privilege of voting.

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