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Accreditation/Certification Academic Scholarship

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) offers a one week school to prepare accreditation and certified member candidates for the written examination, which they take at the end of the week.

The AAAE Accreditation Program awards the Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) status to a successful candidate who has three years minimum airport administration experience, completes an approved management paper on an airport topic, passes a comprehensive oral examination and passes a comprehensive written examination. The Certified Member (C.M.) program is open to all current AAAE members whether they work at an airport or not. It requires completion of the comprehensive written examination only. It is a benefit to those who seek employment at airports and also airport executives not wishing to pursue full A.A.E. accreditation.

The MAAE will award a maximum of two (2) tuition scholarships each calendar year. Applicants will be judged on their participation and support of MAAE events, activities and committees, as well as meeting eligibility requirements.

The successful applicant will be awarded the scholarship before attendance at the Academy but will be reimbursed the tuition amount only upon successful completion of the course and A.A.E. written examination.

All information on the application is subject to verification by the MAAE. However, the information will be kept confidential and only used in the scholarship selection process.

Failure of an applicant to provide the requested information will be grounds for disqualification.

Eligibility Requirements
  1. Must be an executive member in good standing of MAAE.
  2. Must be an approved AAAE Accreditation (A.A.E.) or Certified Member (C.M.) Program candidate.
  3. Must have minimum of one (1) year experience in full-time public airport management.
  4. Must not receive duplicate financial assistance for this program from employer airport.

Application Instructions
  1. Applications for the Spring Academy (typically mid March) are due December 1 of previous year and Fall Academy (typically mid November) are due September 1.
  2. Application must be completed in full by submitting a letter of request, resume and letter of recommendation from employee's supervisor.
  3. Application packages should be scanned and emailed to  

Thank you for your interest in the MAAE scholarship program. 

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