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internship PROGRAM Scholarship

The Michigan Association of Airport Executives is offering an opportunity to assist Michigan Airports in funding an Internship Program. MAAE is offering member airports financial incentives to support the concept of such a program. The guidelines for this program are as follows:
  • The airport’s internship program design should be structured to provide significant benefit to both the airport and the intern. Six months of full-time employment is optimal, with shorter periods considered by MAAE Board of Directors.
  • It is expected that the airport will use contribution as matching funds for salary or training, rather than as the only salary for an otherwise unpaid intern.
  • Airport must be a member of the Michigan Association of Airport Executives. It is preferable the applying airport have a full time manager.
  • Airports interested in obtaining money from the program should fill out the below information, along with a written internship plan for your airport and submit to MAAE by May 1. The Board of Directors will evaluate all requests and notify the airport if the internship has been approved.

Please download and complete the Internship Program Scholarship application by clicking the button below.

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